Name: Jay(son) Keeble

Musician since: 1995

Genre / Style: Progressive House / Dubstep / Drum & Bass 

Short information:

Jay has been a DJ since 1995 playing at clubs around East Anglia and in London and Australia. He has been making music for the past 5 years and has had many releases various on labels in this time. Jay goes by the artist name, Jasokay for all electronic productions and for Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and Dubstep he goes by the name of, Chronic Disorder.

Jay also owns 2 record labels called, Deep Dubs Records and Jasokay Recordz. He is also known for his DJ ability to mix 3 decks as in CDJS or Turntables.

Jason is currently making more electronic music as he wants to get back to his roots which was the sounds of House music. He has been working on his Progressive house sound for a year now and feels it is at where he wants it to beback